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Eliza Glyn

“When I make art I am looking for something - a combination of colour, composition and heart. This is what drives me to work. I have to make that thing I am searching for.”  

Dorset-born, Dunedin-based painter Eliza Glyn shifted to New Zealand in 2008. After an unconventional education attending both Rudolf Steiner and Krishnamurti schools in England, Eliza shifted to the USA where she undertook a liberal arts degree at Bennington College in Vermont, majoring in contemporary dance choreography and painting. After living and working in the States, as well as in Vanuatu, Sydney and Chennai, India, Eliza shifted to Dunedin where the bare bones forms of the landscape and the harshness of light became her chief sources of inspiration.

Eliza’s more recent painting has been slowly moving away from the figurative, delving more deeply into the colour, shades and spaces of the landscape. By boiling nature down to its raw forms and infusing it with a disconcerting presence of being, these works explore the resonant beauty of a city at the bottom of the world. “I’ve come to recognise that I’m always hunting for beauty, a kind of beauty that is not as obvious as the light in India or a hillside in Italy. It takes more examination and my findings are what I put into my work.” 

A fulltime artist and mother of two girls, Eliza paints from her studio in Carey’s Bay, Dunedin.