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Susan Badcock


Black and white with a hint of colour. This is how I see the world”.

Combining her passions for art and photography, Susan produces delicate original hand-coloured photographs. Subverting the viewer’s expectations through her exploration of unusual perspectives is a common theme in Susan Badcock’s work. Her signature style is prevalent - exquisite floral, still life, landscape and portrait photography stripped of colour and delicately reintroduced by hand in the method of yesteryear. However she continues to push boundaries to create works that are at once a celebration of form and balance, often blurring the boundaries between reality and abstract dreams but also a commentary on societal expectations. 
Her photographic works are smooth, ethereal and refined both drawing you in with the viewer intrigued on the process and final outcome.

Science and art combine as I work directly on my monochromatic images, adding layers of subtle water-coloured pigments that are sensitively and meticulously swept by brush, or oil-based photo paint that is rubbed and manipulated with cotton”.