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Douglas Badcock

ARTIST | 1922 - 2009

I need to know everything there is to know about colour”.

Douglas Badcock had a highly successful professional art career. Preferring to paint en plein-air, in oil and watercolour, Douglas earned a reputation as one of New Zealand's leading landscape painters and Queenstown’s first full-time artist, He is described as a realist artist, who captured fresh inspirations; experimented with new techniques to express his innermost feelings in relation to the beauty he saw.

Douglas held his first exhibition in Wellington in 1960, selling out in two days. A review at the time described him as 'A realistic painter, absolutely sincere with a natural talent and a high technical standard - a master of New Zealand landscape, he paints New Zealand as he sees it'. He was a Kelliher art award winner coming second in both 1957 and 1959 awards, third in the 1962 award and then first place in 1965 with his painting 'Head of Lake Wakatipu'. During his life he published three books and his work was included in multiple publications.

“I paint all day and every day. I paint seas, skies mountains and I paint the world I know as it appears to me”.