Flashbacks | 5 Generations of Badcock Art

by Susan Badcock

A Retrospective by the Badcock Family

While numerous artists have explored and responded to the theme of family, it’s a rare lineage that can artistically and individually explore diverse narratives that are visually arresting, exclusively unique and multi-generational.

However, in a remarkable feat of familial creativity, Susan Badcock Gallery will exhibit Flashbacks, a prodigious exhibition featuring five generations of the Badcock family.

A retrospective by acclaimed painter John Badcock explores his prominent journey throughout the decades: his immersion into fashion, landscape, pointillism, realism, expressionism and contemporary iPad art, all a historical record of his prolific contribution to fine art. His genius remains relevant, thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, always exceptional. To accompany this retrospective, John’s latest work, Path to the Unknown, will be on exhibit, exploring his personal passage and encouraging the viewer to remember theirs.

Susan Badcock’s latest works are a celebration of her own journey where art and business have blended seamlessly. It’s a fun and triumphant series of photographs, eight years of successful gallery exhibitions where the backs of viewers have amalgamated with the art, unified and combined in a lively fusion that blurs the line between art and life. It’s a vivacious flashback of flash backs, masking the demands of combining working artistry with viable commerce and observing this achievement.

In addition, an original painting by Susan’s great grandmother, Claudia Colston-Sage will be on exhibit. Part of a private collection, it pre-dates World War One and is rarely available for public viewing.

Works by the late Douglas Badcock, Susan’s grandfather, will be on exhibit, as will paintings by Susan’s daughter, fourteen-year old Iluka Gardziej.

Rounding out the family narrative, Susan’s sister, Helen Badcock, and brother Steven Boyd, are also exhibiting. With prophetic foresight, Helen painted Geraldine’s Old Post Office Building in 2016, now the home of Susan Badcock Gallery, while Steven makes up one half of Deadly Ponies, makers of luxury leatherware in a world where fine art and high fashion collide in an abundance of texture, colour and sculptural poise.

Flashbacks will exhibit at Susan Badcock Gallery, Geraldine from Saturday 13 November.

Words by Pip Goldsbury